Our Mission, Vision and Values

We are an academic medical center, dedicated to improving the health and well-being of people through research, education, clinical care, and community service. We embrace the opportunity to teach others, to learn from our partners, and to care for patients in our community with skill and dignity. We build upon our rich history of medical innovation and community service to improve the lives of those in our care. Our mission is exemplified in our exceptional, compassionate, and high quality medical care.

UofL Hospital will be a beacon:

•    For Patients and Their Families who seek the very best medical care.
•    For Physicians and Care Providers who want to be a part of collaborative and innovative clinical teams that provide the very best medical care.
•    For Employees who are professionally engaged, strive for constant improvement, and want to provide the very best medical care. 

•    Demonstrate Integrity and Character
•    Achieve Outstanding Results
•    Inspire and Develop People
•    Lead Innovation and Positive Change